Online Strategy

Elevate Consulting can assist your organisation to develop a successful online strategic plan.

Some of our key questions that we will seek to clarify include:

How does your online strategy relate to your overall business strategy?
What are the online objectives? (Brand Building, Lead Source, Online Sales, Customer Service, etc)
What is your unique selling point?
What is your key message?
What impact will upcoming technology make on your online strategy?
What balance do you need between SEO and customer conversion friendly designs?
What are your competitors doing online and have they been successful?
What strategies can you use to reach your target audience?
How much will it cost to achieve your online objectives?
What is the required return on investment?
How long will it take to achieve your online objectives?
What are the project milestones?
What KPI’s will you use to measure the success?
What do your customers think of your website?

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I am extremely happy with the service and project management. The SEO Advice we received are brilliant. Every aspect of the team was managed competently. I am a very satisfied customer.

Remonda Martinez, CEO
Blue Haven Pools

Domain names

Facebook promo

  • Setup of Facebook Fan Page
  • Custom landing page
  • 1 year secure hosting
  • Coded “Like” reveal function
  • Custom reveal page
  • Video clip or animated image

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